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On News Year's Eve 2007, NASA released a heavily redacted "report" regarding an $11 million survey they ran between 2001 and 2004. The data were released in formats virtually impossible to analyze. 

NASA spokesmen said they can't see why the flying public would be interested in this data.  Why would taxpayers NOT be interested in these results?  So CAPBOR cross-referenced the questions and answers from section B and also created a spreadsheet with section A and section B data.

The first of our releases to the public was the following document that cross-referenced the results of the survey with the questions asked. Keep in mind this is a small sample of pilots that were surveyed.  Notable results:
  • 168 reports of landing an aircraft without getting clearance. 
  • 1528 reports where aircraft diverted to an alternate airport or returned to land because of an aircraft equipment problem.
  • Hundreds of reports where aircraft had uncommanded movements of rudders, ailerons, spoilers, speedbrakes, etc, in flight!
  • Hundreds of reports of in-flight smoke, fumes and fire in engines, flight decks, passenger cabins, etc.
  • 2339 reports where Air Traffic Control refused to requests to change course due to severe weather.
  • Over four thousand reports where reserve fuel was required to stay flying.
In fairness, we're told by insiders that it is statistically possible that two or more crewmembers could have reported a given incident during the survey period.  The numbers are still interesting.  The document is available here:

  Pilot Questions and Responses

CAPBOR also converted the data from sections A and B as released by NASA to Excel spreadsheets so that the public can analyze the data and draw their own conclusions - something NASA clearly did not want to happen.

The spreadsheet is password protected.  We spent a lot of time working on it, and we're an all-volunteer non-profit that needs money to operate. You can download the spreadsheet here for free. 

  NASA Air Carrier Survey Section A and B Data
  NASA Air Carrier Survey Section A and B Notes

If you like what you see and want the password to unlock the spreadsheet functions, please make a donation of $100 here.  Then send an email to, and we'll send you the password.  We'll make exceptions for private citizens who can't afford to make a donation.  Just download the spreadsheet and then email us for the password.


Crew responses to Section C Question D3A will be provided in spreadsheet form later this week.  If interest is high enough, and we get enough donations, we'll do Section C in total and provide free of charge.

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