will be held at FAA HQ at 1 pm

Paul Hudson of Flyersrights.org represents airline passengers  and the general public and is a voting member of this committee advising the FAA on safety issues.  For more info see FAA ARAC web site.

One comment on “FAA Aviation Rulemaking Advisory Committee Meeting 12/15/16

  • How about enforcing the old rules on animal in the cabin?! I have sat in 1st class surrounded by dogs. These animals, at least on Alaska Airlines, are no longer required to be contained in carriers. They now allow full sized dogs to sit at the feet of the passenger, thereby causing an evacuation hazard as well as a health issue. Why are bags that don’t fit under a seat NOT allowed, while animals are? When did common sense get replaced by lunacy?! I have written both the airlines, the FAA, and the DOT, only to get a circle jerk runaround of canned responses.
    On several occasions, I was denied the space under the seat in front of me to put my carry-on or even to stretch my legs, because the person in the seat next to me could not fit his so-called comfort animal in his own section. Flight attendants can often be heard discussing how many of these passengers have not even notified the airlines of their animals or paid any fees for them, yet they seem fearful about confronting them. This must stop now!!!

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