Kate will be testifying and representing the hundreds of thousands of people who’ve been stranded on tarmacs, had missing or damaged luggage, flight delays that weren’t reported, frequent flyer miles swallowed up by the airlines, abandoned by airlines completely in the wrong airport, and all of the proposed items on our Airline Bill of Rights April 11th, 2007; but Kate needs your help. The Senators show up if people show up and Cameras show up if people show up, so PEOPLE>>>>>SHOW UP IF YOU CAN POSSIBLY DO SO. This is our moment in the sun. Our time to speak out. Let your voice be heard by sheer numbers and volumes of you showing up and showing your support in DC. 100 People is what we need for a Home RUN. LETS make it a Grand Slam and go for 200…that way we will have people flowing into the halls and that brings the media out in droves. With 15000 people in our Coalition now, surely we can get 200 to the Hearings!!!

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  • KATE! I got stranded TONIGHT in O’Hare by US Airways! Here’s the same information I just submitted to their website customer relations feedback form:

    I was on flight 371 from Chicago to Phoenix that was canceled this evening (April 10). Quite frankly, the experience reminded me of why I stopped flying US Air in January 1990 after being stranded in Dayton, OH. When America West merged with USAir, I expressed my concerns about the quality of customer service deteriorating. Tonight was a classic example of how it has deteriorated. We sat on a plane for over an hour before a male flight attendant announced the flight was canceled and asked us to deplane for rebooking. A female flight attendant then said that the flight wasn’t canceled, just delayed. Once we deplaned, there was no one to help us. I went to the gate of the next non-stop flight to PHX (gate E7). As I was walking over there, I called the GOLD membership line for assistance. The first woman who answered the phone said she couldn’t rebook my flight because 371 was only delayed. I asked to speak with her supervisor because we had been clearly told by the people at gate E7 that it was CANCELED. I was then routed to Pina LV (the name she gave me as the customer service rep). She kept me on the phone for 27 minutes and continuously said that she couldn’t help me because the flight was only delayed. Even after the time that the flight was supposed to have left, she refused to help me. I asked her several times to check the system because there were other people in line with me who were talking to customer service representatives and getting rebooked on flight 10. She finally said she couldn’t help me and hung up. I immediately called back while I’m still standing in line. NO ONE was communicating to anyone. The line was as long as I’ve ever seen. Then, I see people who have not gotten rebooked forming a separate line for assistance to get on flight 10. In the meantime, I reached Georgia through the GOLD line and she assisted me with getting rebooked through Las Vegas. While I waited in line at the gate to get my boardin pass printed, I watched gate personnel speaking about sending all those people back to the ticket counter because their flight was taken care of. The entire experience was mishandled from the beginning. There was inconsistent communication and inconsistent procedures. There was NO communication to the people affected who were standing in line because they weren’t told anywhere else to go for help. All in all, it was the poorest experience I’ve had with the airline since the merger. If this is what I can expect from my “hometown” airline, I will switch to another carrier in spite of my frequent flier status. I am requesting that you educate your customer service agents to listen to the gate personnel. I was on the phone at the gate with a gate person telling me the flight was canceled and the customer service agent on the phone refusing to assist me with rebooking because the system wasn’t showing the flight as canceled. I am requesting full reimbursement for my flight and reimbursement for my transportation to my home because the person who was going to pick me up from the airport could not come at 1:15 a.m. to get me. The transportation cost $69. Also, please know that I had previously joined the group that is testifying in front of Congress on April 11. I will be sending a copy of this complaint to them so they can use this for tomorrow’s testimony.

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