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  • I wrote the president of American Airlines last May that he and his staff should be filmed getting seated in those narrow seats and trying to sit in and get out of them, especially if they have long legs. I think that would really further this cause. Here’s an excerpt: I heard on Nightly Business Report tonight that AA is planning to reduce the space between rows in coach by 2”. I think this will add to the animosity the public already feels and will only backfire.

    I swore off flying AA because a steward was really out of order on a transatlantic flight and when I reported it in confidence to the supervisor she told him and he came back and was exceedingly rude and insulting. When I subsequently reported it to Customer Service, nothing was done, not even an apology.

    We booked another transatlantic flight a couple of years later, in a spirit of forgiveness for that incident.
    The seats were so close together my husband’s legs could not normally bend to put his feet on the floor. He was forced to twist around into contortions when the passenger in front of him reclined his seat to sleep. And this was an 8+ hour overseas flight! Finally the stewardess moved the passenger in front to another seat. We had some relief on the return only because I had fractured a rib and was forced to change tickets to business class as I had to lie down.

    I’m writing you now because I want to urge you and your executives to physically try sitting in the present seats, have persons in front of you recline their seats to see what that’s like and also try out having those next to the aisle seats needing to get out and use the lavatory. I don’t think you have a clue what a hardship your company is already subjecting the flying public to endure.

    I hear airline profits are fantastic, but that can change drastically if your company thinks of nothing but how much it can squeeze out of customers. There is fundamentally no good will to them. You’re ignoring the rule to treat others as you would want to be treated. Gone are free checked bags, complimentary food, seats in which there is room for one’s legs and that one can get out of even if the one in front of it is reclined. I want to suggest that you will attract more customers by giving them more rather than wracking brains how to get more out of them. America’s domestic carriers are manifestly inferior to most others in the world. How about showing you put America first?

  • P.S. You ought to also film FAA officials trying to get in and out of those seats and I think they’ll change their minds!

  • Fantastic news. We flew BA from Baltimore to London last year and my husband had bruises appear all down the back of his legs a few days later. Also the chap in the seat in front of him was unable to recline as it put too much pressure on my husbands legs and wedged him in further. In addition the brace position was not viable at all. He is 6ft 1″ .

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